Lovedon Fields celebrated in new book

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Ruth Reed, director of Green Planning Studio, has just had her latest book launched. We are happy that Lovedon Fields has been chosen, included on the front cover of the book, and profiled as an exemplar project of a rural development that secured the strategic gap with a strong village edge and a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of Winchester, Hampshire.

The book: “Building in Arcadia: The case for well designed rural development” identifies key barriers to rural development, and how planning applicants (whether householders, developers and landowners), and most particularly their agents who make the applications (architects, landscape architects or planners) can address, and overcome, them. Focusing on the positive aesthetic role buildings can play in the landscape, and proposing sensitive development, Building in Arcadia also explores the essential economic, social and environmental case for more building in the countryside to make the countryside more viable. 

As discussed in the book, we hope that Lovedon Fields becomes a model for how new developments can make a positive addition to rural villages and landscapes.