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Architects' Journal, 18 June 2015 'RIBA Awards 2015: House' - jpa client Binith Cheeran on building his own home
Architects' Journal, 12 June 2015 'McCloud's HAB submits plan for biggest project to date' - article on Lovedon Lane
Architects' Journal, 9 June 2015 'John Pardey reveals housing for former MOD site' - article on Priddy's Hard
RIBA Journal, June 2015 'RIBA Regional Awards 2015 - South' - John Pardey sets the context
Elle Decoration, June 2015 JPA feature as Dominic Bradbury selects his 'Top Three British architectural practices that everyone should know about’
Sunday Times, 24 May 2015  Ruth Bloomfield interview with John Pardey on coastal houses
Architects' Journal, 14 November 2014 ‘UK firms to design Czech housing scheme’ - article on competition winning design for a new high-end residential development around a spa & golf course near Prague
Architects' Journal, 17 October 2014 ‘John Pardey reveals Lutyens inspired house' - article on The Aviary, Godalming, Surrey
Architects' Journal, 26 September 2014 ‘McCloud’s HAB goes upmarket with high-end Pardey homes' - article on Cumnor Hill, near Oxford, for HAB Housing
Grand Designs magazine, August 2014 ‘Starting Over’ - The Smith House, Dorset
Mid-century magazine, Summer 2014 ‘Queen of Herts’, the renovation of the 1936 family home of Architect Mary Medd
The Times, 19 April 2014 ‘Six of the Best’, Alain de Botton chooses JPA as one of the six best housing architects in the UK
BH Exclusive magazine, Autumn 2013 ‘Modern but not Minimal’ (The Watson House)
‘Luxury’ magazine (Telegraph), October 2013  ‘Building Success: John Pardey Architects – How John Pardey eschewed the fads of architecture and the pitfalls of technology to become an award-winning designer of one-off houses’
RIBA Journal, June 2013 ‘Out of the Woods’ - article on John Pardey Architects’ rural houses
Inhabit, Spring 2013 Review of Trewarren
Architecture Today, April 2013 ‘Schools – John Pardey/HKR in Bermondsey' - review of the Eveline Lowe school
Architects' Journal, 14 February 2013 ‘John Pardey ‘far out’ house realised’ - Trewarren, Pembrokeshire
A+U Special Edition, March 2013 ‘Can Lis– Jørn Utzon’s House on Majorca’
Grand Designs magazine, December 2012 JPA voted as one of the top ten housing practices in Britain
Architects' Journal, 6 December 2012 ‘Hurst House, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire’
Architects' Journal, 14 June 2012 ‘School house' - review of Oaklands housing project
Construir magazine (Brazil), April 2012 Review of Pooley and Watson Houses
Grand Designs magazine, January 2012 ‘Back to basics’ - The Watson House, by Sarah Baldwin
Architects’ Journal, 17 November 2011  Review of The Watson House – shortlisted for the Manser Medal 2011
Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine, October 2011 Article on the Hind House
RIBA Journal, October 2011 ‘In the Footsteps of Greats’ – how JPA design houses
The Sunday Times, 11 September 2011 ‘Top of the form’ – article on the Watson House, as finalist for 2011 Manser Medal for best house in the UK
Architects’ Journal, 23 June 2011 ‘Watson House’ cover issue
Architects’ Journal, 27 May 2010  ‘Pooley House, Sandy Point, Hayling Island’
Wallpaper Magazine, December 2010  ‘Natural Selection’ - article on the work of jpa by Dominic Bradbury
Architects’ Journal, 11 November 2010 ‘SOM submit housing-led development for East London’ - Leamouth Peninsula housing incorporating two jpa buildings
Architects’ Journal, 8 April 2010 ‘Green light for Pardey’ - article of Hurst House in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire
Wallpaper magazine, November 2009 Profile on John Pardey
Grand Designs magazine, September 2009 ‘Tales from the Riverbank’ - The Hind House by Dominic Bradbury
Sunday Times, 14 June 2009 ‘New kids on the block’ article on the Hind House, Wargrave
Architecture Today, July 2009  House on a Floodplain’ - review of the Hind House by Mike Tonkin
The Iconic House, 2009 The Spence House features in Dominic Bradbury’s book
The Brick Bulletin, Spring 2009 Article on Jørn Utzon’s brick houses by John Pardey
Architecture Today, October 2008 ‘Developing density: surgical repair to the heart of Cambridge’ – review of John Lewis store by Ivor Richards
Building Design, 30 May 2008 Review of New Forest Public Toilets by Amanda Birch
The Financial Times, 19 April 2008 ‘Here come the Mods’ - article on new house designs in the UK featuring John Pardey Architects
BBC 2 / E4 ‘Grand Designs Trade Secrets’, March 2008 John Pardey interviewed on the design of modern homes in the countryside
Building Design, 3 August 2007 Review of Eveline Lowe school competition winning scheme
Architects’ Journal, 19 April 2007 Article by John Pardey on Guiseppe Terragni’s 1940 Giuliani-Frigerio apartment block in Como
‘Louisiana and Beyond: The work of Vilhelm Wohlert’ John Pardey’s monograph of the Danish master famed for the Louisiana Museum of Art north of Copenhagen, Edition Bløndal, December 2007
Architecture Today, March 2007 ‘Hind House’ - review of new house on the banks of the River Loddon
InsideOut magazine,  November 2006 Design study for Isokon flats as an exercise in maximising space and storage
Architecture Today, November 2006  Crossways Primary School in Dorset
The Sunday Times, March 2006 Duckett House features in Dominic Bradbury’s article on the New Country House
‘Country Houses Today’, 2006 The Duckett House features in Jeremy Melvin’s book
Architects’ Journal, 27 April 2006 ‘The Power of Architecture’ by Alain de Botton
‘Design + Build your Dream Home', 2005 The Duckett House features in Elizabeth Willhide’s book
Label magazine, Spring 2006  ‘Pardey’s Pace’. Article by Andrea Veglia on the work of John Pardey Architects (published in Europe in English and Italian)
‘The Architecture of Happiness’, April 2006 The Duckett house features in Alain de Botton’s new book, ‘The Architecture of Happiness’ as an example of Stendhal’s aphorism that ‘Beauty is the promise of happiness’
 Architects’ Journal, 23 March 2006 ‘Pardey to build ‘James Bond’ house' - article on the Hind house in Wargrave
Architects’ Journal, 06 October 2005  Book review by John Pardey: 'As Built: The work of Caruso St John Architects’
CABE ‘Design Reviewed 2’, 2005 Oaklands College Housing scheme presented as an exemplary scheme
Architects’ Journal, 17 November 2005 ‘Attwood House’ - review of new house for David Attwood and Jane Tranter in Wargrave
The Independent, 19 October 2005 Article about the Pardey House, Hampshire
Grand Designs Magazine, November 2005 ‘The Accidental Modernist’ - article on the Sellers House, Isle of Wight
Architects’ Journal, 21 April 2005 Alan Powers reviews John Pardey’s book on Utzon’s Majorcan houses
The Independent, 3 August 2005 ‘University Challenged’ - review of University of Sussex building
Architects’ Journal, 30 June 2005 Author of Building Study on Tony Fretton’s Clerkenwell house
Architects’ Journal, 12 May 2005 ‘Making An Entrance’, review of first new school centre for the University of Sussex
Architects’ Journal, 28 April 2005 Book review by John Pardey of ‘The Terragni Atlas: Built Architecture’
Architects’ Journal, 21 April 2005 Book review of ‘Utzon: Two houses on Majorca’, Edition Bløndal
Sunday Times, 6 March 2005 ‘The New Country House’ - article on Britain’s new contemporary rural houses, featuring the Duckett House
Architects’ Journal, 27 January 2005  ‘Pardey’s Lesson in Living’ - review of Oaklands College housing project in St Albans
Architects’ Journal, 20 January 2005 Article on the ‘Klee house’ in the Chilterns
‘Utzon: Two houses on Majorca’ A book on Jørn Utzon’s Spanish homes, by John Pardey. Edition Bløndal, December 2004
The Guardian 9 October 2004  ‘Babe in the Woods’ - review of the ‘Duckett house’ in the New Forest
Architects’ Journal 22 July 2004 ‘Domestic Bliss’. Review of the ‘Duckett House’ in the New Forest
Architects’ Journal, 11 November 2004 ‘In practice’ (article on the practice)
Architects’ Journal, September 2003 John Pardey review on John Winter’s Hampshire House
Architects’ Journal, 28 August 2003 ‘Open house’ - review of the Sellers house in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Architects’ Journal, 30 May 2002 Book review by John Pardey – ‘Luigi Moretti: Works and Writings’
Architecture Research Quarterly 2/ 2002, Cambridge University Press ‘Platform: explorations of an architectural ideal’ by Richard Weston & John Pardey
Building Design, 25 January 2002 ‘Positive discrimination’ - article on John Pardey in practice
Architects’ Journal, 29 November 2001 ‘A Curate’s egg capital’. Book review by John Pardey
New Architects 2, 2001 A guide to Britain’s best architectural practices. Published by the Architecture Foundation in association with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport
RIBA Journal, August 2001 ‘Culture interview’. Article on the collaborative projects with Professor Sir Colin Stansfield Smith
The Observer, Life Magazine 21 January 2001 ‘Celebrity Squares by Ian Philips
Architects’ Journal, 28 September 2000 ‘Its Pardey Time! ’ (Profile)
Architects’ Journal, 28 September 2000 ‘Spence and Sensibility’ - review of the refurbishment and addition to the Spence house in Hampshire
New Architects 1999 A guide to Britain’s best young architectural practices. Published by the Architecture Foundation in association with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport
KBB magazine, April 1999 ‘Born again’ - review of apartment refurbishment, Regent’s Park, London
The Independent magazine, 9 November 1998  ‘Out of the woods’ - review of the ‘Spence House’ in Beaulieu, Hampshire
BBC2 documentary, ’Travels with Pevsner’ John Pardey appeared in documentary to discuss the ‘Spence House’, a Grade II listed modern house. Broadcast on 9 November 1998
DBZ magazine (Germany), November 1998 ‘Zweimel Klein’
‘The Pier’, Antelope South Productions John Pardey appeared in television production of three outstanding buildings in southern England, featuring a family house in Lymington. Broadcast on 23 October 1996
The Observer, Life Magazine, 5 April 1998 New British architects by Anna Murphy
New Architects - A Guide to Britain’s Best Young Architectural Practices Published by the Architecture Foundation and The Department of Culture, Media and Sport. John Pardey Architects as one of the best 83 ‘new’ practices in Britain
Build-it, September 1997 ‘Clearly Contemporary’
Architects’ Journal, 12 February 1993 Review of Kensal Green cemetery Gardens of Remembrance design
Architects’ Journal, 4 May 1994 Review of second Tagus crossing bridge design in Lisbon, Portugal
Individual Homes, April 1994 'A Modern Masterpiece' – family house in Hampshire
Architects’ Journal, 8 December 1993 'House of colour' - review of family house in Lymington, Hampshire
Architects’ Journal, 28 October 1992 'Landscaping for a Garden of Remembrance'
Architects’ Journal, 13 May 1992 Review of street furniture designs
Building Design, 28 February 1992 'Making a Splash' - review of Scottish Sports Council hotel swimming pool design
Building, 5 July 1991 'New Architects: Pardey and Yee' by Colin Davis
The Guardian, 5 June 1991

'Deadly Rivalry of the Royal Academy' article onWoodgrange Park crematorium at the Royal Academy

Building Design, 14 September 1990 'Soane Success' article on new visitors centre for Sir John Soane's Dulwich Picture Gallery
Building Design, 23 March 1990 Article on Piazza Dante design
Architecture Today, February 1990 Article on Woodgrange Park crematorium
Architects’ Journal, 17 January 1990 'Beating the System' article on Pardey and Yee Architects by Callum Murray
Building Design, 28 April 1989 John Pardey's review of Glenn Murcutt’s RIBA Lecture
Landscape Design, October 1989 'Phoenix Winners' article on cemetery project
Journal Arquitectos, September 1989 Review of EEC 'Working in the City' office project
International Union of Architects Newsletter, May 1989 Review of EEC 'Working the City' office project
Wettbewerbe Aktuell, August 1989 Review of EEC 'Working in the City' office project
Architects’ Journal, 24 May 1989 'Historic parking' - article on of Chichester car park project
Building Design, 19 May 1989 'Winning in the City' Review of EEC 'Working in the City' office project
Architects’ Journal, 17 May 1989 'Daylighting Angles' Review of EEC 'Working in the City' office project
RIBA Journal, November 1989  'Birmingham's second chance' Barbara Tilson
Architects’ Journal, 23 & 30 August 1989 'Birmingham Babes'
International Union of Architects Newsletter, March 1989 Review of Small Heath junior school project
Building Design, 3 March 1989 Taking up the design initiative', review of Small Heath junior school project, Ian Latham
Building Design, 9 December 1988 'Symbolic values in cemetery design', Ian Latham
Architects’ Journal, 20 April 1988 Building Centre Trust
Building Design, 8 April 1988 'Winning ideas for modern housing'
Building Design, 9 October 1987 ‘Corbusier centenary housing’