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One-off houses

The practice began with a series of one-off house commissions and we continue to regard this as a vital part of our work – all too often, as commissions grow, architects give up private commissions in favour of the commercial – we value working with private clients and enjoy developing a relationship of trust to ultimately provide not just a house, but a home.

We see our work as contemporary and avoid the idea of a futuristic aspiration, preferring to build on what has gone before. Our ideal is to achieve a timeless quality in each work and a delight in the ordinary – the joy of simple, natural materials enriched by a precision or juxtaposition and this we combine with attention to the site, constraints, orientation and views. We enjoy the idea of uniting inside and outside spaces, to create a natural place to live that celebrates views and the changing weather while maintaining an energy efficient and easily maintained home.

“So to describe John Pardey’s Duckett House as beautiful suggests more than a mere aesthetic fondness; it implies an attraction to the particular way of life this structure is promoting,  through its roof, door handles, window frames, staircases and furnishings.  A feeling of beauty is a sign that we have come upon a material  articulation of certain of our ideas of a good life.  Pardey’s building is a reminder of the truth in Stendhal’s aphorism ‘beauty is the promise of happiness’.”

Alain de Botton